State of the Art Dental Services in New Hyde Park, NY

Looking for a reliable dentist New Hyde Park, NY residents have come to rely on? Finding dentists in New Hyde Park to take care of emergency issues? Searching for reliable New Hyde Park dental services? If your answer was an immediate ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you have landed on the right digital page. You can find dental solutions in each of these areas.

Established and experienced, Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP has served patients in the New Hyde Park, NY area with a focus on delivering high quality dental care solutions to everyone.

The most critical requirements for Dentists in New Hyde Park, NY are compassion, non-judgement, reliability, experience, and approach to dental care. Only by combining these aspects can you get the kind of treatment that you need to take care of your dental health in an optimal way.

At Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP, we make sure to treat you, the patient, with the utmost attention and care. This helps us provide you with the gentle treatment you deserve. Our experience in delivering dental services helps us understand what sort of procedures will be best suitable for you. As a result, we can provide you with personalized care that helps you feel comfortable while also resolving the issues at hand. This is also why, as dentists in New Hyde Park, we take pride in the 5-star reviews that we earn from our patients.

The dental profession has always lead the way in applying universal precautions and infection control procedures to make sure our treatment environments are safe for our patients and for us. Dentists have a long history over the years of mitigating the spread of many forms of infection and have become experts at creating one of the safest healthcare treatment environments for our patients. Our past practices work and we will obviously continue to implement them. In addition to what we’ve always done, we will be adding equipment in our practice to keep our environment safe for you. You will now see different forms of high volume evacuator equipment including external aerosol evacuators while we are treating you. We will also have air filtration devices throughout the office using true hepa and UV-C filters to keep our air clean. We will also look different. Our dentists will be using N95 respirators and face shields during all treatment.

What should our patients expect when they come to our office?

Please wear a mask when you enter our office. When you first arrive, your temperature will be read with a non-contact temperature reader and you will fill out a covid health questionnaire. You will also be asked to rinse with a hydrogen peroxide based mouth rinse before we start any treatment. Our appointment scheduling will be planned to adhere to the NYS social distancing guidelines and occupancy requirements. If you prefer not to come to the office right away, we do have a teledental link available if you wish to be triaged before coming to our office.

Whether you need dental x-rays or root canals, dental veneers, implants or teeth whitening, we make sure to guide you every step of the way.  We will even make sure to assist you in processing your insurance in case you depend on coverage to get the dental care you need.

Our office serves the New Hyde Park, NY area through our state-of-the-art facility.

Visit us at Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP, 2001 Marcus Ave #60, New Hyde Park, NY 11042, or call us at 516-362-2257 today. Our professional staff will be happy to help you maintain your and your family’s smiles for a lifetime.