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If you’re a parent, you know all too well that when it comes to getting your kids to take proper care of their teeth, the struggle is real! Twice a day, every day, your getting-ready routine grinds to a halt when your child or children either stubbornly refuse to brush, tell a tall tale about having brushed already when it is clear they did not, or- worst of all- reduce themselves to tears and tantrums when faced with the prospect of brushing. What’s a parent to do?

Here at Vinciguerra & Mathew, we feel your pain and understand the ongoing battle between parents and kids when it comes to proper dental hygiene. We’re here to help with a few little tips to make tooth-brushing time a highly-anticipated and fun event for your kids, rather than a twice-daily chore.

Sweet Rewards

If you already have a chore chart in your home, you know that kids are naturally eager to complete a task when they are rewarded with a sticker, stamp, or other token acknowledging their hard work for the day. Why not extend that concept to tooth brushing? Every morning and every evening, let your child place a fun sticker on a calendar in the bathroom, so she can chart her progress and take pride in her accomplishments. At the end of the week, if all the calendar dates are filled with stickers, reward her with a small treat, such as an extra hour of screen time or her favorite dessert- whatever motivates your child to do her best!

Party Time!

Sure, brushing your teeth is no fun when you’re a kid- you have WAY too many other fun things to do! Instead of making the ritual a boring “have-to,” throw a nightly tooth-brushing party! Each evening before bedtime, Mom, Dad, and the kids can all meet in a designated bathroom and brush, floss, and mouthwash together while playing energizing party music. Not only will the kids get to see their parents exhibit proper brushing and flossing techniques that they can mirror, but it also gives you a chance to monitor their habits and correct any ineffective practices. For an added bonus, let the kids come and brush in your master bath- the extra mirrors and fancy lighting will be a special tooth-brushing thrill!

Time For an Upgrade

Get your child excited for tooth-brushing time with awesome new dental hygiene supplies! If your kid knows he gets to brush with a brand-new battery-powered toothbrush featuring his favorite superhero or cartoon character, he’ll be a lot more motivated to make it a healthy habit. Other fun supplies, such as kid-friendly toothpaste in a variety of delicious flavors, flossers in creative shapes, and tasty mouthwash made for kids, can also put a little more pizzazz into your child’s normal routine.

Besides brushing and flossing every day, it’s essential that your child visits his or her pediatric dentist twice per year. If it’s time for your semiannual visit, call Vinciguerra & Mathew today to schedule your child’s dental checkup. We want to help you keep your whole family smiling!