smile from fixing a broken tooth new hyde park ny

There are not many stressful situations like having a broken tooth. Whether it is one of many injuries in an accident, the sole result of a slip and fall or you’re a San Diego water damage restoration company with an employee who knocks his tooth out, the thought to fix a broken tooth is often a top priority once you get your bearings after the incident. 

Thankfully, advancements in cosmetic dental dentistry can ensure that you can fix your tooth without any significant problems. Reliable dentists at Vinciguerra & Mathew in New Hyde Park, NY, can help you restore your smile if you reach them at the right time. 

Care for a Broken Tooth

The first thing you should do after your tooth incident is to try and locate it. 

If the tooth is on the ground and has gone dirty, make sure to rinse it with some milk before replacing it in the tooth socket. Don’t use water, since it can damage the nerves and cause them to get swollen. If you cannot find milk, the next best thing is a saline solution. This part is essential to fix a broken tooth.

You could hold your tooth in its socket by putting a small amount of pressure through a clean cloth. But don’t put too much pressure as it could damage your nerves.  

During this procedure, make sure that you are not touching the tooth’s root and are only holding it via its crown or other end. The quicker you do this process, the better chances you have of having your natural tooth reimplanted into your jawbone. 

In case the tooth is not fitting in its socket or if it is only partially broken, put it in milk and reach out to emergency dentistry services right away.

But if you cannot find the tooth, then your focus should be on taking care of the empty tooth socket. If it’s bleeding, use a cloth to stop the bleeding. You can also use a cold pack or cold compress to control pain and swelling. 

Fix a Broken Tooth the Right Way

The procedure to fix a broken tooth depends upon the amount of damage you have sustained.

If you have been able to save the broken tooth or a part of it, then you can have it reimplanted. If you were unable to locate the tooth, then your dentist would be able to replace it using advanced methods.

In either case, you can only fix a broken tooth by contacting a reliable dentist. A broken tooth cannot be put back into place permanently by home remedies. You must seek professional help at places like Vinciguerra & Mathew to do so.

If you have only chipped your tooth, your dentist might be able to fix it with some composite filling. If the tooth was one of your molars or back teeth, then you might need to get it fixed by dental crowns.

But if a part of one of your front teeth is visibly broken, then your dentist will need to perform a procedure called bonding. In this process, they will be recreating the missing part of your tooth by a special composite resin. 

At the dental offices of Vinciguerra & Mathew, our team is highly experienced in fixing broken teeth and restoring your smile in emergencies. Whether you are looking for a professional to reattach your tooth or recreate a missing one, we can help you without any issues. 

Schedule your appointment today to make sure your broken tooth could be fixed quickly. With our state of the art emergency dentistry services, we can ensure to have your tooth replaced promptly. Call your New Hyde Park Dentists today at 516-362-2257