Looking to have a same day Crown procedure in New Hyde Park NY? Well, you need not look further than Vinciguerra & Mathew General, Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. We are a leading oral health provider in the New Hyde Park area, and we are committed to providing, top notch dental care for you and your family.

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So, what is CEREC?

Well, CEREC is the technological advancement of an in-office CEREC machine that can be used by your dentist to create custom designed and fabricated porcelain dental crowns within a single visit, isn’t that amazing? What’s more interesting is, this procedure is one of the safest ways to get the best results both you and your dentist expect out of your dental crown.


What do I need to know about CEREC same day crown procedures?

Our experienced and qualified dentists at Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP will examine your teeth to figure out the correct dental treatment. Depending on the examination, our dentist will determine if you will need a crown or just tooth filling. In case you need a crown, then your tooth will be prepped for a dental crown procedure, and this will include removing the decay and infected tissue. A digital image of your tooth will be taken and sent to the CEREC machine where a 3D of your tooth replacement will be designed and milled as you sit and wait. The dental crown will be molded out of porcelain and will match the unique shade of your teeth. Our qualified dentists will then make any revisions necessary before binding the new dental crown over your tooth, polish and remove excess debris to ensure your same day crown restores your perfect smile.


Where can I get CEREC same day Crowns?

Well, if you live in the New Hyde Park area, Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP is your best bet. We are committed to offering professional state of the art dental care, and our track record of CEREC same day crowns speak for themselves. Call us today or walk into our facility for a free quote. Our representatives will be more than glad to assist you. Your smile is our obligation!

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