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Dental anxiety can keep you from reaching out for help even when you need it the most. This brief guide provides tips to alleviate your fear of dentists, so you could contact a dental health professional in New Hyde Park, New York accordingly.

Going to the dentist is one of the most crucial steps to maintaining your dental and oral health.

Overcome Your Fear Today!

A dental visit is essential even when you are not facing any immediate dental needs. It becomes even more important when you do have symptoms such as toothache, bleeding, or sore gums that need immediate attention of a dentist.

But even with those symptoms, those of us who do go through the fear of dentists find it difficult to visit their local dental health professional. If you or a loved one suffer from dental anxiety, then these tips will help you through it and lead you to our dentist in New Hyde Park, New York.


Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Dentist

Similar to doctors in other specialties such as neurology or cardiology, dentists are not going to hurt you. Even when they have to perform difficult procedures such as dental extractions, they would always ensure that you are free of pain and trauma.

Instead of seeing you go through pain, they would rather that you go through the treatment with a smile on your face and get rid of the issue that is causing you significant discomfort. Keeping this mind, remind yourself that going to the dentist wouldn’t subject you to painful conditions, but will actually bring relief to whatever dental problem you are facing.

How to Overcome your Fear

The first step to resolving your fear of dentists is to acknowledge it, and to approach the problem rationally.

Ask yourself, why is it that you actually fear the dentist? Is it something to do with a real life situation? A fear of cosmetic judgment? Or are you just anxious about what the dentist visit would entail in terms of pain and dental procedures?

The answers to these questions would help you approach your dental anxiety with a rational state of mind.

From here, remind yourself that a dentist is just another medical health professional who is there to help you through your own physical trauma. They would do everything they can to make you comfortable, and to make you feel nothing but relaxed while being under their care.

A few tips that can help you through the process are:

  • To choose a dentist that is proficient, experienced and offers advanced techniques. This relieves your fear of anything going wrong. It also opens doors to advanced dental procedures such as microsurgery or laser surgery.
  • To talk to your dentist about your dental anxiety. This makes sure that they are aware of the difficulty that you are going through. It also allows them to offer you with relaxation techniques and devices such as music players, or mirrors to see what is happening during your dental treatment.
  • To ask for sedation dentistry, if possible. This lets your dentist provide you with sedation dentistry, which helps in keeping you relaxed through your dental procedure.

Take the First Step & Make a Dental Appointment!

In order to ensure that you are receiving the help you need, reach out to an experienced dentist in New Hyde Park, New York.

At Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP, we ensure to find professionals who are experienced in helping those that suffer from a fear of dentists.

With various practices and established procedures targeted to help with dental anxiety, seek the help you need with the confidence to tackle your fear of the dentist.

If you want to finalize your appointment or talk further about how Vinciguerra & Mathew, LLP can help you, don’t hesitate from reaching out to us today.